If You Are Throwing Away Banana Peels You Are Making A Big Mistake

I love bananas so much, its one of my favorite fruits. And think there are so many people around the globe who like bananas as much as I do. We all love how delicious banana taste, and how good is to the body’s health; including giving instant energy, elevating the mood, improving skin and digestion.

I think, that when people eat bananas, they usually throw away the peel, or in the best case; use it in a compost. Instead of throwing it away; give it a better use. In fact, you will not believe the amount of uses that are available for the humble banana peel. From plant fertilizer to teeth whitening, there’s something for everyone.

#1/15 Reduce Acne


The first fact is that: a banana peel is an excellent way to cure pimples and acne. The reason for this is that the peel acts as a natural exfoliating agent to remove any toxins from pores, which, in turn, treats and reduces the risk of acne. Its abundance of antioxidants also helps to fight the germs that cause acne.