If You See This Weed, Don’t Kill It. Here Are 10 Reasons Why.

My dad has always loved gardening. Ever since I was little I remember him taking us outside to help him plant seeds, water the sprouting greens and weed in between the rows of vegetable plants.

Weeding was one of the most important jobs, he told us, because we had to distinguish between his valuable produce and an obnoxious weed to be sure we didn’t uproot anything delicious.

Whether you have your own garden or not, there is one weed that everyone should learn to recognize and allow to grow, because its benefits are simply and unexpectedly incredible.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Purslane

This weed is called purslane. Like most weeds, it grows and spreads extremely fast, which is actually lucky for you, because once you hear all the ways this weed can benefit you, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on as much of it as possible!

1. Antioxidants

Purslane is an excellent source of antioxidants, which are great for the immune system. Antioxidants can help prevent sickness and disease, slow aging and protect against cell damage.

2. Potassium

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